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Dynamic Launching of Screen Flows

Suppose you have 20 screen flows representing 20 different business processes, and you want to dynamically determine which one a user should be brought to. One way to do this is to have a master flows with 20 subflows and a big decision element. That’s a little inflexible, though. Each time you add or delete […]

New Ways to Open Web Pages from Flow

The new OpenURL Flow Action allows a URL to be opened by your Flow. It runs everywhere, unlike the Load Web Page Flow Action. This action allows the URL to be opened in three modes: newTab: Opens in a new tab in the browser newPage: Opens in a new browser window replace: replaces the existing […]

Send Rich Email (Send HTML Email Action)

Addresses (To, CC, BCC) You can generate addresses from any of the following sources: A single email address A string collection of email addresses A collection of Contacts A collection of Users A collection of Leads Example: Create a collection variable of strings and add individual email addresses to it: Example: configure inputs with sources […]