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Building Your Own Next Best Action Front End

You aren’t limited to using the lightning components that Salesforce has provided for displaying recommendations. You can POST your own execution calls to the Action Strategy Engine REST endpoint and get back recommendations as a JSON blob. Executing a Strategy To execute a strategy use one of the supported endpoints. It’s recommended that you provide […]

Seamless Flow Handoffs from Users to Agents

Users can start flows and then pause them, and those same flows can be made to appear on the user’s Contact record where an agent can resume and complete the flow. This requires and relies on the Guided Action List’s ability to find and display all paused flows associated with a record. The Community user […]

Learn how to Insert Images in Flow Screens

There’s a new blog post on Salesforce’s official blog channel covering the use of the official, bundled-with-Flow Display Image screen component. Check it out. There’s also the more powerful, less polished Image screen component that continues to be available on this community site. The original post on that. Here’s a post we did on overriding […]