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Available: sendBetterEmail – Bugfix Release 2.2.1

Now Available 2.2.1 Bugfix Release. Fix: #925 (fixes Mass Email Issues), removed duplicate context entries in CPE, Fix: #900, and Attachments are not visible in Activity EmailMessage #887. Make sure you update Flow Actions Base Pack and the Flow Screen Components Base Pack before applying this update.

sendBetterEmail – Bug Fix Release

Version 2.1.6 released. Bug fixes – mostly involving checkbox issues, sending multiple versions of attachments, and various save as activity and tasks issues. Thanks to Gary Woodhouse, @ericsplayground, Betzalel Chaikin, Rabbi Kushi Schusterma, @josh-dayment etal. for finding, help resolving, and testing. fixes #702, #831, #785, #823 #829, #581

Webhook2flow – Released

Webhooks2Flow – Need to integrate an external system with your SalesForce Instance using its out of the box webhooks  without programming? Webhook2Flow may be your answer. You can build webhook service endpoints in your Salesforce instance completely in Flow; 1) declaring the the interface with Flow Resources (“Available for Input” and “Available for Output”), 2) […]

sendBetterEmail: Release 2.1.0

The new version of this email action for Flow replaces previous versions, Send Rich Email, and Send HTML. It has two functional additions and several bug fixes. Treat Target Object As Recipient – Optional. If set to true, the targetObjectId (a contact, lead, or user) is the recipient of the email. If set to false, the […]

Send Richer Email with the ‘Send Better Email’ Flow Action

Send Better Email is the latest and best email action for Flow, replacing previous versions of Send Rich Email and Send HTML Email. It provides easy access to Salesforce’s single and mass email services, taking the place of Flow’s built-in Send Email action, which is currently something of an underachiever. Features This flow action supports: […]

New Version Send Rich Email (Send HTML Email Action) 1.33.1

Ver 1.33.1 is a minor release for sentHTMLEmail action – EXCEPT saveAsActivity parameter now defaults to false. WARNING!!!! Emails activities will no longer be saved in the Activity stream unless explicitly using saveAsActivity = true. Email Activity tasks created with Templates now have subject and recipients in Task Comments Added Activity Date (Today) to Task […]

Send HTML Email with Multi-Language Support for Lightning Email Templates

This is extended functionality of Send Rich Email. SalesForce Orgs and Communities often require multiple language support, including the ability to generate emails in the selected language of the Community anonymous user, member or Org User. LightningFlowComponents/flow_action_components/SendHTMLEmail/ has been extended to send the appropriate language email based on the preferred language as part of a flow […]