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New Version Send Rich Email (Send HTML Email Action) 1.33.1

Ver 1.33.1 is a minor release for sentHTMLEmail action – EXCEPT saveAsActivity parameter now defaults to false. WARNING!!!! Emails activities will no longer be saved in the Activity stream unless explicitly using saveAsActivity = true. Email Activity tasks created with Templates now have subject and recipients in Task Comments Added Activity Date (Today) to Task […]

Send Rich Email (Send HTML Email Action) Ver 1.33

Send Rich Email (Send HTML Email Action) Ver 1.33 has been released. It is a minor bug fix and document update release including: Updated Send Rich Email (Send HTML Email Action) documentation Major updates to the Example Flows with 5 different test/example electable flow paths that illustrate different implementation options (Flow: Send HTML Email Testflow) […]

Send HTML Email with Multi-Language Support for Lightning Email Templates

This is extended functionality of Send Rich Email. SalesForce Orgs and Communities often require multiple language support, including the ability to generate emails in the selected language of the Community anonymous user, member or Org User. LightningFlowComponents/flow_action_components/SendHTMLEmail/ has been extended to send the appropriate language email based on the preferred language as part of a flow […]