New Version Send Rich Email (Send HTML Email Action) 1.33.1

Ver 1.33.1 is a minor release for sentHTMLEmail action – EXCEPT

  1. saveAsActivity parameter now defaults to false. WARNING!!!! Emails activities will no longer be saved in the Activity stream unless explicitly using saveAsActivity = true.
  2. Email Activity tasks created with Templates now have subject and recipients in Task Comments
  3. Added Activity Date (Today) to Task Activity
  4. Updated Documentation with new example flow information
  5. Resolves issues  #308 and #316

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Automated Process user doesn’t have access to html email. Is this able to be resolved?
Error element Scorecard_Email (FlowActionCall).
Profile does not have access to: sendhtmlemail
Flow Details
Flow API Name: ASP_Scorecard_Introduction_Schedule
Type: Autolaunched Flow
Version: 2
Status: Active
Org: Total Service Solutions (00Do0000000Ze2t)
Flow Interview Details
Interview Label: ASP Scorecard Introduction Schedule 6/14/2020 8:00 PM
Current User: Automated Process (005o0000000xEws)
Start time: 6/14/2020 8:00 PM
Duration: 0 seconds