Complete the New Survey from the Salesforce Automation Design Team!

I’m pleased to pass on this new survey from the Salesforce Automation Design Team. I highly encourage everyone to fill it out. These are the key designers who are at the heart of all the changes we make to the user experience of Flow and Flow Orchestration. Giving them your latest thoughts on functional gaps, experiential challenges, and the like is a great way to influence the course of the products. This data will also be reviewed by the product manager group.

Hello everyone! We at the Salesforce design team are working on new and improved automation capabilities for Flow, and as part of that process we want to hear from our customers. We’ve created this 10 minute survey so that we can learn more about your automation experience in Salesforce, and would greatly appreciate anyone here taking the time to fill it out. Specifically we’re gathering feedback around:

  • What sorts of automations you’ve created, or want to create
  • What needs you have for accessing data outside of SFDC in your automations, if any
  • If you’ve previously used any other automation tools besides Flow

If you’ve ever created an automation in Flow before, you’re exactly who we’re looking to hear from! Every little bit of feedback matters, so please help us create the best product we possibly can for you.

Here is a link to the survey! (edited)