Convert Process Builder Processes to Flow Builder Flows

Starting with Summer ’20, some Process Builder processes (which are technically Flows with process type ‘Workflow) can be converted to Flows of process type ‘Autolaunched’. The new flow shows up in Flow Builder and takes advantage of the new Record Change trigger that Flow Builder now supports.

The package here will install into your org a flow called Convert Processes to Flows. it allows you to select a Workflow:

It will then retrieve the workflow metadata from your org using the new Transfer Metadata screen component, then pass the metadata to a flow action called ConvertFlowMetadata.

Here’s a video:

Flow Builder’s ability to do the things Process Builder does is a little limited in Summer ’20. Most notably:

  1. Flow doesn’t have Scheduled Action support
  2. Flow doesn’t support related field references like myVar.Owner.FirstName
  3. Flow doesn’t support the ISCHANGED, ISNEW, PRIORVALUE functions

If you select a workflow with any of these characteristics, the Flow will report the error and stop.

Here’s an example of a Process Builder workflow:

And here’s what it looks like after conversion:

It’s recommended that you only run this on Sandboxes for the time being.


The converter automatically creates a unique name for the new flow by taking the Process Builder name and adding ‘-Converted’. It does not change the label or interviewLabel (used for paused flows). Keep in mind that you’ll now have two processes, one in Process Builder lists and one in Flow lists, with the same Label. If this turns out to be a problem we can add logic to automatically create a modified label.


(We recommend that you only install this in sandboxes for now)

Version 1.01 Unmanaged

Old Versions

Version 1.0 Unmanaged



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Rich Tami

Great stuff – love the attention being applied to flow at Salesforce.

Josh Dayment

This is great was it supposed to include the flow in the package?

Ramon Conde

Not sure what the value of this conversion process brings, if the converted process looses some of the functionality that
Is not supported in flow builder. What is the reasoning for this conversion?


This looks great, but the download doesn’t install a flow. Did I do something wrong?

Andy Haas

If you look at the component details, you will see that there is no flow, just actions. You will need to build the flow yourself with the components.

Jingli Hu

I got the error below

1. (TestProc_MultiDiamond) myRule_1_A3 (Action) – A required input parameter is missing: “Engagement Type”
TestProc_MultiDiamond: myRule_1_A3 (Action) – A required input parameter is missing: “Engagement Type”

any ideas?

Jingli Hu

This is very useful tool, when I try to install it in my sandbox I got error below

1. (TestProc_MultiDiamond) myRule_1_A3 (Action) – A required input parameter is missing: “Engagement Type”
TestProc_MultiDiamond: myRule_1_A3 (Action) – A required input parameter is missing: “Engagement Type”

Any ideas?



Last edited 1 month ago by Christopher
Yuriy Gavrylenko

I tried the package and my case converter stucks in the first step “Job Status: Beginning metadata retrieval..”
You also refer to the following limitation in your article: “Flow doesn’t support related field references like myVar.Owner.FirstName”. However according to these release notes it should be possible from Spring 20 release –
However it seems to work only for Screen-Flows not for Record-Triggered Flows. Is it the case or am I doing something wrong?


I can’t get this to work either. It’s just stuck in retrieval.

Andrew Mishler

Same, sounds like this needs another update.


Great – Salesforce should include this by default!
How can we download this in just sandbox? Link directly routes to PROD environment.

Tom Ellis

I wish there was such a thing to convert Workflow rules to Process Builder/Flows too


Its stuck saying below –
“Metadata Transfer
Job Status: Beginning metadata retrieval…”

Last edited 12 days ago by Kaya
Jesse Wolff

Does this need updates before it’ll run in Winter 21? I installed in my partial sandbox and it is hanging up in metadata retrieval. I checked and is running version 49 not 50.

Screenshot 2020-09-24 135947.png