Copy to Clipboard Button

Copy to Clipboard Button

Created by Eric Smith

This Post was most recently updated on: 3/27/23
Current Version: 1.1.1

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This Flow Screen Component lets you add a button to your flow screens to copy any provided content into the system clipboard. It provides an easy way to allow a user to copy and then paste the provided data elsewhere on their computer.


To use this component, add it to a Flow Screen and provide the content you want to make available to be copied to the clipboard.

In this example I’ve created a Flow that shows the contents of 4 different fields from a Contact record. Once activated, I can place it on the Contact record page.

In this example, I’m adding some text to the button and I’m clearing the clipboard display once it has been selected.


Clipboard LabelTextLabel to appear above the Clipboard contents box (Optional)
Button LabelTextLabel to use on the button (Optional)
Clipboard ContentTextSet this to the value to pass into the Clipboard
Content Size (In 12ths)IntegerSet the size of the contents box in 12ths of the total container width (Optional)
Hide Clipboard after Selection?BooleanSet to True to remove the clipboard contents display from the screen once the button is clicked


Step 1

This component requires that you first install the Flow Base Packs

Step 2

Production or Developer Version 1.1.1

Sandbox Version 1.1.1

Release Notes

3/27/23 – Eric Smith – v1.1.1

Updated to use the latest versions of the Base Packs


You can check the current version of your component by looking at the bottom of the Custom Property Editor.

Previous Versions

3/26/21 – Eric Smith – v1.0

Initial Release

Production or Developer Version 1.0

Sandbox Version 1.0

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