Create or Update with the new ‘Upsert Records’ Action

Use UpsertRecords when you want to take a collection that may or may not already exist in the database and save it. If the records in the collection have valid Id values, the corresponding records in the database will be updated with the flow’s collection. If not, new records will be created and saved.

UpsertRecords provides functionality similar to the Apex ‘upsert‘ command. You can optionally provide the name of a field on your object that is the externalId and you can specify that you want partial saving to work even if some of the saves fail (‘all or none’).

This functionality is available in the CollectionActions package starting with version 1.19.2

You can provide either a collection or an individual record (and in fact can provide both), but because of a limitation in the action configuration framework, you have to specify both types, even if you’re only using one, like this:

Inputs and Outputs


This action currently has an output called ‘placeholder’ that should just be ignored. If an error occurs during the upsert, the error message will be thrown back to the flow


Install the Collection Actions package, starting with 1.19.2