DataPoller and Reactive Screens for Flow

Salesforce is currently piloting a feature called Reactive Screens that allows builders to pipe the output from one screen component to the input of another screen component on the same screen. Each time the source component changes its output, the target component dynamically updates and refreshes. To explore the possibilities of this, we created a simple Flow screen component called DataPoller that makes a SOQL query every X seconds and provides the results as an output. Then we enhanced the Datatable component so it will update every time it gets a new input.

The result is a highly reactive Datatable that responds instantly to any and all record changes:


Look for this feature in Spring ’23

Also check out


DataPoller is a very simple little screen component that takes a SOQL query and a polling frequency. Even if your org isn’t enabled for the Reactive Screens pilot, you may still find DataPoller useful.


pollingFrequencynumber. Seconds between queries. Default is 3
queryStringa conventional SOQL string, such as ‘SELECT Id, FirstName, LastName, CreatedDate, LastModifiedDate,Status FROM Lead’ Make sure that the object you’re querying here matches the object you select when first configuring the property editor.

This returns a retrievedRecords collection and an error string (which will be displayed on screen).


Version 1.0 10/18/31