Dreamforce Automation Countdown: T-8

Here at HQ we are feverishly working on presentations and demos for next week. The show promises to have a record-setting amount of Flow and Next Best Action content. Sam Reynard, one of the product managers on Flow, put together an excellent chronological list of all of the Flow sessions here. As you can see, there are 39 sessions that mention Flow or Next Best Action, which I think is more than double what we had last year. All of us here on the product team will be doing sessions, but there’s a huge wealth of sessions from familiar faces and new faces.

I’ll highlight some of the sessions being given by the product team, but I encourage anyone who is running a session to publish their own spotlight on what’s coming.


If You Want the Big Picture

VP Product for all things Automation John Kucera kicks things off first thing Tuesday morning with an authoritative, high-level, overview of the Salesforce Automation landscape. This will nicely set the tone for the week’s automation messages.

The Future of Automation on the Customer 360 Platform

Tuesday, November 19, 8:30 AM – 9:10 AM Moscone West, Room 2006

If You’re Looking To Make a Business Case

My colleague Jason Teller will follow John later Tuesday with a session strong on measurable returns and employee enablement. You will leave with an actionable pattern that you can use to build your own compelling Flow business case.

Agility and Innovation: The Business Case for Automation and Flow
12:30-1:10 | Moscone West, Room 2022

If You’re an Apex Coder

Product Manager Tim Peng and Chris Peterson will co-host this exploration of the strengths and use cases for Apex vs. Flow

Flow and Apex Showdown!
4:30-4:50 | Moscone West, Developer Theatre


If You’re Looking to Meet Shannon Hale, Live

Shannon Hale, the product manager with her own theme chant (do I sound jealous? I’m not jealous…much), will be providing a focused look at productivity wins you can achieve with multi-screen flows. I can’t reveal everything she’s preparing, but I can say that there’s a lot of chortling coming from the direction of where she sits.

Increase Productivity with Screen Flows
8:30-8:50 | Moscone West, Admin Theater

If You’re Looking for the High-Velocity Power Admin Experience

I’ll be running an admin-centric, high-intensity session, similar to the one I did at TrailheaDX, but with 100% new content. This is a popular session, but if your skull has any structural imperfections, you might want to stay away, due to the large amount of mind-blowing content that will be pipelined in your direction during this session.

Advanced Flow for Admins: Become A Salesforce Developer Using Points And Clicks
10:30-11:10 | Moscone West, Room 2002

If You’re Interested in Installable Solutions

Product Manager Sam Reynard will be running a session on templates, AppExchange, and more

Advanced Flow for Admins: Become A Salesforce Developer Using Points And Clicks
10:30-11:10 | Moscone West, Room 2002

If You’re Not Satisfied Short of Actual Salesforce Flow Engineer Employee Badassery

Nate Lipke, a longtime engineer on the Flow team here at Salesforce, is taking a break from some insane scalability enhancements he’s building into the Flow engine to give a focused session on flow scalability. This is the session we product managers will all attend but try to look like they actually know it already.

Designing High Performance Flows
5:30-5:50 | Moscone West, Architect Theater


If You Want The Ultimate Drill-down on Flow Templates

Jason Teller and Flow expert Phil Weinmeister will focus in on templates and all of the ways they can eliminate Blank Canvas Anxiety

Prebuilt Business Processes with Flow Templates
1:00-1:40 | Moscone West, Room 2024


If You Want the Latest in Flow-based Enterprise Development

I’m very pleased to finally have a full dev-track session to focus on flow-development. This session will be heavy with useful patterns and will be the first place we preview some new 2020 flow functionality. I’ll be introducing some brand new patterns that make it easy to delegate management, configuration and even administration down out of Setup to other parts of the organization. There will be some strong material on Invocable Actions, integrating Next Best Action decisioning into Flow, and taking advantage of the new Flow ability to access Apex data structures directly and declaratively.

Developing Modern Enterprise Apps with Flow and Next Best Action
11:00-11:40 | Moscone West, Room 2009