Easy Export of Records to CSV, Courtesy of Narender Singh

Back on March 31, we put out the first Chance for Glory Narender Singh responded quickly with a great action that takes uploaded CSV data and converts it to records in Flow. A few commenters note how useful it would be to be able to go in the other direction, and Narender has written a solution for that as well, available here.

Here are the inputs:

            @InvocableVariable(label='Object API Name' required = true)
            public String strObjectApiName;
            @InvocableVariable(label='Save file with name' required = true)
            public String strFileTitle;
            @InvocableVariable(label='Add time stamp to the file name?'  )
            public Boolean boolAddTimeStamp;
            @InvocableVariable(label='List of Records' required = true)
            public SObject[] lstRecords;

The action outputs a single Content Document Id, which makes me realize exactly what we need next: A File Download screen component! Perhaps that will be the subject of the next Chance for Glory.

Well done, Narender!

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Gidi Abramovich
Gidi Abramovich
26 days ago

This is GREAT!!!

Gidi Abramovich
Gidi Abramovich
26 days ago

I’ve tested the action, and it creates the collection as a CSV file, as expected.
There are two things that I think will make the action even more powerful:
1. Allow us to choose in which record the file will be saved (make it optional)
2. Allow us to choose the fields and the order these fields will be shown in the file (even though I’ve selected specific fields in the Get Element, all of the fields were saved in the CSV file).

Thanks again, Narender and Alex!

Adam White
Adam White
25 days ago

Gidi, my team is putting the finishing touches on our own flavor of this and you can do exactly that. Stay tuned!

Gidi Abramovich
Gidi Abramovich
23 days ago
Reply to  Adam White

I’m happy to hear that, Adam, thanks!