Extract Text from Email fields, Picklist fields and More with the ExtractTextFromNonTextField Action

In one week I got these two requests from different flow users:

  1. Need to get the value from an Email field and turn it into text to pass into the new Send HTML Email action, which expects email addresses as strings.
  2. Need to get the value of a picklist field in a specified record.

These are both solved by this simple action. Just pass it a recordId and the name of the field you want to target and it should be able to return the value of that field as a string. Tested so far only on picklists and email fields, though.

Install Version 0.1 Unmanaged

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Eric Smith


[…] you can’t pass it directly to input attributes like SendTOThisOneAddress, but you can use this action to first convert the email into a simple text […]


Im trying to get the recordID by using {!ClientEntity.Id} in that field and then clicked manually assign variables to specify the path to where the preferred email is but its coming up null