Flow Carousel

The Flow Carousel allows you display a set of slides in a continuously running carousel within a screen flow it’s useful if you want to put a flow on a lighting record page or run something cast to a screen at an event and allow a remote user to update specific information. There are 4 text collection properties that will build the slides in your carousel. You are limited to max 6 slides (this is a lightning design limitation).


The component only has a handful of properties

  1. Image URL’s: This is a text collection holding the image urls for your slides.
  2. Headers: This is text collection containing the Headers for each slide.
  3. Descriptions: This a text collection of short paragraphs/descriptions for each slide.
  4. Alternate Text: This a text collection the alternate text behind each image this also needs to be unique for each slide as the component uses this to differentiate each slide”
  5. Slide Style: Use this string property to control the slide styling i.e. slds-text-align_center slds-size_x-large this uses standard Lightning Design System attributes. Without styling the default will be aligned left and it will scale all slides to the largest image you have so keep in mind if you use this or not.
  6. Carousel Title: This string property adds a title to your component.
  7. Hyperlink URL’s: This is a text collection holding the hyperlink url’s for your slides.
  8. Slide Duration: Integer that controls how long each slide stays on the screen default is “5”.


Version 1.2 unlocked 4/5/2022

Previous Versions

Version 1.1 unlocked 4/15/2021

Version 1.0.0 unlocked 3/25/2021

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