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Text Area Plus Adds Text Input and Help Text

Version 1.8 for Text Area Plus adds help text and a new Text Input option for standard Text Input. I’ve also added a height option for the Rich Text and Text Area modes to allow you to set a specific height in pixels for the text input box for a better UI. For full details […]

Data Fetcher on the AppExchange

Data Fetcher is a Lightning Web Component for Screen Flows that will query records based on a SOQL string, then provide an output of records (or single record) to be used on the same screen. What is so special about that you might ask? Well, let me tell you! With the reactive components beta for […]

Barcode Scanner For Flow Now Supports Continuous Scan

The Barcode Scanner for Flow now supports continuous scan functionality, this means you can scan multiple barcodes keeping the device camera open to capture as many barcode values into a single text collection for use in Screen Flow. To see all details visit the original post here and for a quick demonstration of continuous scan […]

Send rich text messages to Slack using Text Area Plus!

The Salesforce to Slack integrations are many and there are some really great post-to-Slack actions out of the box but the biggest gap is when you have rich text/HTML markup you are entering in a screen flow and posting that message to Slack it doesn’t translate the HTML into Slack Markdown so it displays all […]

Text Area Plus adds multiple features to Text Area

Created by Nathan Shulman and Josh Dayment This Post was most recently updated on: 7/5/23 Text Area Plus! is an improved version of the standard flow text area adding a suite of text-related tools to allow for the Flow Admin to provide a better User Experience and quicker set up than the standard flow screen components. […]

Flow Flexcard now has CPE Support

Josh Dayment along with David Fromstein have built and added a Custom Property Editor to Flow Flexcard along with the CPE support we have moved the component HTML to use visual-picker as the base to allow for a better UI/UE of the component. Also included were enhancements to how actions are displayed inside of the […]