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Flow Flexcard now has CPE Support

Josh Dayment along with David Fromstein have built and added a Custom Property Editor to Flow Flexcard along with the CPE support we have moved the component HTML to use visual-picker as the base to allow for a better UI/UE of the component. Also included were enhancements to how actions are displayed inside of the […]

How I Built This: Use Generate Collection Report, Extract Strings from Collection and Send Better Email to Keep Users/Clients Up to Date

At my current organization, we built and maintain an Experience Cloud Site where Employers engage with Candidates about open opportunities and internships along with a large networking event held in the fall. Employers will post their job/internship opportunities on the site and candidates can one-click apply to these specific roles. As candidates build their profile […]

From Josh Dayment Updates to Flow Barcode Scanner

This update provides more customization to the component and added functionality to include auto navigation on successful scans. Property Name Data Type Description Auto Navigate Boolean When marked as true the flow will automatically move to the next screen/element upon a successful scan. Button Icon String This is an icon that will be placed on […]

Version 1.1.1 of Flow Flexcard

This version includes a few community requested enhancements to Flow Flexcard. It includes rich text fields now supported in visible fields, multi-select of cards, header style control, and some overall UE enhancements. Check out the details below. The first new addition was requested by quite a few people and that was rich text support for […]

Josh Dayment released Version 1.1 of File Upload Improved

This version includes two asks from the community. It includes the ability to restrict to only allow a single file for upload and also to set the accepted file formats check it out below. There is now a new property for Accepted Formats this is a Comma Separated String Variable of accepted file formats for […]

Update to Flow Carousel

This version includes a popular ask from the community; the ability to hyperlink the slides. There are also a few bug fixes with the styling parameter that were included with this release as well. There is now a new property for Hyperlink URL’s this is a Text Collection Variable of urls that sit behind each […]

Flow Carousel

The Flow Carousel allows you display a set of slides in a continuously running carousel within a screen flow it’s useful if you want to put a flow on a lighting record page or run something cast to a screen at an event and allow a remote user to update specific information. There are 4 […]

The New Flexcard Screen Component

Updated: 1/7/2022 In response to a call for volunteers, Josh Dayment and Karan Pant joined forces to create this great new component. The Flow Flexcard Component presents collections of records in a neat set of actionable cards . You can populate each card with a set of actions that the user can take on the […]