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From Josh Dayment: Improved File Upload in Flow Screens

Josh writes: One of the common things I hear from users when uploading files in a Salesforce Flow is that they do not know if the file uploaded. This improved File Upload component adds this capability to the standard File Upload. Add this to any screen flow you wish to enable for upload. Once the […]

Flow Carousel

The Flow Carousel allows you display a set of slides in a continuously running carousel within a screen flow it’s useful if you want to put a flow on a lighting record page or run something cast to a screen at an event and allow a remote user to update specific information. There are 4 […]

The New Flexcard Screen Component

In response to a call for volunteers, Josh Dayment and Karan Pant joined forces to create this great new component. The Flow Flexcard Component presents collections of records in a neat set of actionable cards . You can populate each card with a set of actions that the user can take on the selected record. […]

From Josh Dayment – Barcode Scanning Component for Flow

The Barcode Scanner component provides you a way to scan various types of Barcodes using a flow and the Salesforce Mobile App, Mobile Publisher for Salesforce, or Mobile Publisher for Communities in Flow screens. It allows you to take the data stored in that barcode and return the variable to be used later downstream in […]