Orchestration App Showcase: Alkymi masters document-driven workflows

Editor’s Note: This Guest Post was created by Alkymi. UnofficialSF occasionally showcases companies and products that work with Flow Flow Orchestration.

Collaboration for the AI Era: The Data Action Layer.

Seemingly every day we hear examples of Automation speeding up the business world in dramatic ways. Yet, hundreds of millions of documents, PDFs, Emails, Spreadsheets are exchanged daily while almost all of the data they contain are still extracted manually! At Alkymi, we’re building the Data Action Layer (DAL) from the unstructured, real-world data that businesses run on.

Alkymi’s user-friendly solutions – including Data Inbox, Patterns, and Patterns Studio – empower frontline users to eliminate the tedious manual input tasks and take instant action to meet their business goals – like onboarding customers. And with Alkymi Patterns Studio, anyone can build customizable automation for any kind of document, no coding or technical expertise required.  

That’s because one of Alkymi’s founding principles is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to trigger actions in the applications and platforms they currently use like Outlook, Microsoft Power Automate, and of course, Salesforce. For us, there’s no better example of a mission critical business application than Salesforce, and we love working with customers to help them supercharge their Salesforce processes with actionable, structured data. 

Automating Workflows in Salesforce Orchestrator 

We here at Alkymi love Salesforce Orchestrator. It gives users broad capabilities to build, organize, and execute complex multi-team, multi-step workflows, encompassing many of the multi-step processes our customers are focused on, such as customer onboarding, performance reporting, and alternative asset management, which require handoffs between different teams, each with their own set of objectives and responsibilities. 

The genius of Orchestrator is allowing users to custom design these workflows to ensure that their business logic is fully reflected each step of the way. For example, if a team should only take an action after a step has been completed with a certain outcome, Orchestrator will ensure that team is only looped in at the right time, if and when required. 

Where Alkymi enters the equation is by helping users get more out of Orchestrator by fueling it with instantly actionable document data, the critical data that’s usually manually keyed in before a process can begin. Think of Alkymi as a booster rocket that accelerates the input of the unstructured data automation, while Orchestrator ensures the rest of the process can run successfully based on the data provided.

Blazingly fast Onboarding that saves hours. 

Customer Onboarding is one of Alkymi’s most popular use cases, and many of our Financial Services (Wealth & Asset Management) customers use Salesforce to run their onboarding processes. That’s why we couldn’t think of a better way to showcase the power of an Alkymi Data Inbox + Salesforce collaboration than this complex, multi-team workflow that has mission critical business impact. 

Our first video, (“Accelerating Customer Onboarding”), spotlights a customer onboarding process based on real workflows requiring three teams to work together to take actions like sending customer communications, processing documents, approving applications, and more. It also touches a range of business systems in addition to Salesforce and Data Inbox, with parts of the workflow happening in email as well as Slack. 

Typically, these would be extremely time-consuming manual processes, with lots of potential for process restarts, and missed handoffs. By extracting data from the critical documents needed to fuel instant actions in Orchestrator, we show how it’s possible to save 2.7 hours per new customer by leveraging Data Inbox + Orchestrator. 

In the second video, (“Building Workflows”) you’ll see how easy it is to adjust an existing workflow in Orchestrator based on changing business requirements, simply by adjusting the actions that should occur when certain information is found in a document. This makes it easy to update Work Guides so that the right workflow step is followed based on the data encountered in a document. 

Let’s Get Your Customer Onboarding Up to Speed.

Onboarding is a complicated workflow that can present significant challenges for operations teams, and it’s just one of hundreds of thousands of similar workflows that exist across enterprises. Combining Alkymi Data Inbox’s unstructured data automation with Salesforce Orchestrator’s workflow orchestration capabilities empowers businesses to accelerate and streamline this process, yielding significant time savings and reducing operational overhead. 

To learn more or request a free Data Inbox trial, visit www.alkymi.io