Work Guide Plus adds a work list to the Flow Orchestration Work Guide

Work Guide Plus (“WG+”) is a custom Work Guide component that you can add to record and home pages, similar to how the Orchestration Work Guide works. In addition to being able to display an individual work item, it can show a list of all the work items currently assigned to the running user.

Consider this example, where I have two work items assigned to me that are associated with the Jones Pharma account:

The Out of The Box Work Guide will simply display one of the two, but WG+ will show a list:

Select a work item and click Open Work Item to work on it.

If there’s only 1 work item assigned to the running user, WG+ will simply execute it and not bother with the list.

Screen flows used as step flows MUST have an input text variable named recordId to receive the record Id as context information, if you use Work Guide Plus.

When the screen flow is finished, WG+ will return to the list of Work Items. It has a two second delay to allow Orchestration to update the status of your work items, and this value can be overridden (the idea here is that if you return to your list too quickly, you might still see the work item you just finished work on because orchestration is still in process).

As a side note, this component features the new official Datatable component, which is Beta in Winter ’23. Because of that, however, it requires a Winter ’23 org. We’ll publish an installable package as soon as Winter ’23 becomes generally available. In the meantime, you can grab the component from the repository below and add it directly to a Winter ’23 org.


package will be available in October ’22


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