From Christine Talbot: When You Use ‘Navigate Everywhere’ To Navigate to a New Record Page, You Can Now Set Initial Values Using Flow Formulas (or static text, or upstream merge fields, or….)

This enhancement adds a defaultVals attribute to the action. As Christine explains:

When using DestinationType = ‘object’, and DestinationAction=’new’, passing a json string of ‘{FieldAPIName : value, FieldAPIName : value}’ will default those fields to the value.

To navigate to a new Contact page with defaulting the FirstName and the LastName fields via a formula field in the flow:

DestinationType = object
DestinationName = Contact
DestinationAction = new
defaultVals = {!formulafield}

{!formulafield} =
‘{“FirstName”: “‘ & {!firstname} & ‘”, “LastName”: ” ‘ & {!Last_Name} & ‘”}’

Install Here.