From Forcelution Apps: Enhanced Approval Requests

We wanted to give Forcelution Apps a chance to talk about the functionality they add to Approval Requests with their Enhanced Approval Requests extension. It’s available as a free version and as a paid, supported, enhanced version.

Filling Gaps

Salesforce out of the box provides the ability to submit and process records for approval. This is a feature used in many orgs as it is easily configurable and extendable by adding multiple approval steps. On the other hand, especially since Lighting Experience was introduced, it currently lacks some key features to efficiently and accurately submit and process approval records. Fortunately, there are solutions using the AppExchange app Enhanced Approval Requests (Pro).

Some of the key features currently missing

  • Submitting records for approval in bulk instead of going to each and every record page to submit it for approval;
  • Organizing submitted and pending approval requests in list views;
  • Approving, rejecting, reassigning and recalling approval requests in bulk;
  • Having detailed insights on the underlying records in one overview to allow bulk processing of records;
  • Having the ability to filter approval requests in a list view based on one or more criteria.

Being more efficient

Some of the missing key features can easily be solved by installing the free app Enhanced Approval Requests. As an admin you can configure a list view for approval managers that displays relevant data of pending approval requests. Approvers can select multiple items and approve, reject or reassign them in one go. Without the need to navigate to each and every approval record page, approvers save a great portion of their time!

Managing approval requests like a pro

Although the app Enhanced Approval Requests helps to process approval requests more efficiently, it lacks the ability to see key information about the requests you’re processing. As mass processing can only truly be useful if you have all relevant information at hand, the pro-version of the app provides the ability to display data of the underlying records in the list view. This allows users to mass process approval requests with full confidence!

The app Enhanced Approval Requests Pro focuses on managing approval requests more efficiently and accurately for submitters, approvers and administrators, through the following features:

  • Mass approve, reject or reassign approval requests;
  • View your approval requests on Lightning pages;
  • View details of related records through table columns and popovers;
  • Review and verify by consulting the summary overview before processing;
  • Organize approval requests using list views;
  • Refine approval requests with filters;
  • Intuitively manage approval requests on your mobile;
  • Mass submit records for approval from any object list view;
  • Mass recall your submitted items;
  • Track your submitted items;
  • View all and process any approval request as an administrator.

You can try out the app in your sandbox or install the 30-day free trial in your org.

Watch the videos for a quick walkthrough of all the benefits that comes with Enhanced Approval Requests Pro!

Process approval requests

Mass submit records for approval