From Josh Dayment – Barcode Scanning Component for Flow

The Barcode Scanner component provides you a way to scan various types of Barcodes using a flow and the Salesforce Mobile App, Mobile Publisher for Salesforce, or Mobile Publisher for Communities in Flow screens. It allows you to take the data stored in that barcode and return the variable to be used later downstream in your flow or instantly show Salesforce Data to users in the app all from scanning a barcode. This component uses the existing BarcodeScanner API.

In my example use case I am using it for contactless check in at a job fair. We have a custom object called Registration where I have a QR Code I generated using an formula field using the open API from (ex: IMAGE(“×150&data=”&Id ,”Scan QR code”) I am using the recordId from my Registration that is passed through into the output value of the component.

The component has customizable buttons, labels, icons and also supports auto navigation on successful scans.


Property Name Data Type Description
Auto NavigateBooleanWhen marked as true the flow will automatically move to the next screen/element upon a successful scan.
Button IconStringThis is an icon that will be placed on the scanner launch button uses lightning design system i.e. utility:photo
Button LabelStringThe label to on the scanner launch button.
LabelStringLabel placed in front of scanned data.
Scanner InstructionsStringText that sits above scanner launch button to provide scanning instructions to the user.

See the scan in action below.


Version 1.0.2 9/5/21

Previous Versions

Version 1.0.0 unlocked 11/7

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