From Ryan Mercer: Version 1.4 of File Upload Improved brings enhanced UI updates and several bug fixes

We encourage all users to upgrade File Upload Improved to take advantage of a new UI and several bug fixes.

UI Updates

The files now appear above the Upload Files box. Depending on your user’s device size, the files will either render in two columns…

… or in one column.

Internal users can click the blue file name for a preview of the newly uploaded file.

This feature is available only to internal users. If a community user clicks the link, nothing will happen.

Uploaded files will now not disappear if a validation error from another component on the screen is thrown (or if Users return to the screen with the File Upload Improved screen component).

ACTION REQUIRED: In the component configuration, you’ll see a field {!$Flow.InterviewGuid}. Admins should copy the label into the input text field like this:

If you have multiple File Upload Improved screen components IN THE SAME FLOW, you should prepend each component’s {!$Flow.InterviewGuid} with something else like ‘1’ and ‘2’, for example:

Unauthenticated guest users will now be able to immediately delete files that they just uploaded.

A bug in the previous version of File Upload Improved prevented unauthenticated guest users from deleting files that they just uploaded.

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