From Josh Dayment: Improved File Upload in Flow Screens

Josh writes: One of the common things I hear from users when uploading files in a Salesforce Flow is that they do not know if the file uploaded. This improved File Upload component adds this capability to the standard File Upload. Add this to any screen flow you wish to enable for upload. Once the user uploads files the component:

  1. displays the list of uploaded files, providing visual confirmation
  2. outputs a collection of the newly created contentdocumentId’s for use downstream in your flow.

How it Works

The available inputs are identical to the out-of-the-box file upload:

Property NameDatatype
iconvariable of icon type i.e. doctyp:attachment full list found here
labelLabel for your file upload button
recordIdThis is the record to associate your files with
Accepted FormatsComma Separate String Variable with accepted formats i.e. .pdf,.png,.docx
Allow Multiple Filesboolean property if marked as true allows multiple files if marked as false restricts to one file (default is false) *lightning-file-upload currently doesn’t support uploading multiple files at once on Android devices.

The newly available contentDocumentIds output can be accessed via manual assignment or via automatic outputs:


Version 1.1.1 Unmanaged 5/31 bug fix

Previous Versions

Version 1.1

Version 1.0

*to install in a Sandbox replace login with test in the url

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