From Ryan Mercer: Yet More File Upload Improvements

From Ryan Mercer: “I’m excited to release my next sprint of File Upload Improved. Thank you to everyone for your feature suggestions, I really enjoy working through your great ideas! Please continue to keep them coming.”

This release’s features include…

Show files below the component

By default, the files will show above the File Upload Component. If you’d prefer they be shown below the component, set this to TRUE.

Restrict users from uploading multiple files

Allow the user to upload multiple files. If this is not TRUE, then once the user uploads one file, the file upload component will not allow any additional files to be uploaded.

Control whether uploaded files are visible to all users

By default, when an internal user uploads a file, the file is only visible to other internal users (meaning community users can’t see it). If you’d like to make the uploaded file visible to all users, set this to TRUE. When a community user uploads a file, the file is already visible to all users.

From a technical perspective, this sets ContentDocumentLink.Visibilty = AllUsers.

Modify or Enhance The Names of Uploaded Files

The file name of the uploaded files defaults to the actual name of the file. If you’d prefer to override the default file name, you can specify the new file name here.

You can do funky things here like using a Text Template (remember to View as Plain Text) or even using a Flow Formula

Show Existing Files Related to Record Id

If you’d like to show the existing files associated with the Related Record Id (in addition to the ones that the user may upload), set this to TRUE. Be aware that sharing rules are NOT enforced, so the user could see files that they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Plus other general performance and architectural improvements

Install here.