From Tamar Erlich: No Dynamic Forms? No Problem, Use Flow!

Dynamic Forms are the modern way to display record detail information to the user. They enable better control and new functionalities for record pages:
1. Show or hide sections based on criteria
2. Multiple column layouts
3. Separate sections in different tabs

The initial implementation of Dynamic Forms is available for Custom Object via App Builder. There’s also a new Dynamic Forms for Flow entering Beta in Summer ’21 that can be accessed in Screen Builder. But right now, you can’t use the Dynamic Forms that you find in App Builder on standard objects like Account and Contact.

No problem! Flow is here! You can used a flow screen to replace the record detail component on a standard record page and take advantage of the new layout features and dynamic functionality.

These two videos show 1) all the features you can leverage for a standard object and 2) how to build it in Screen Builder

A closer look at the construction of the flow screen:

Some options and ideas for use are:

  1. Use multiple flows with different layouts, and show or hide them on the page based on user or record criteria
  2. Separate layout sections on tabs on the record, using multiple flows
  3. Mix and match flow components on the page, arrange them using the new flow sections component, and take advantage of the new automatic fields in flow

Dynamic Forms
The Record Detail Component
Dual List Box Component
Summer ’21 flow preview