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Process approvals using a screen flow in Slack

With the Spring 23 release, screen flows in Slack will be generally available. I set out to explore one use case. Approvals in Slack are currently possible but have some limitations I wanted to see if I can improve on that by using a screen flow in Slack. This blog will not cover the initial […]

Flow Use Case: Create a filtered opportunity list view based on account team membership with Data Table and the new In Operator

The Winter ’23 release brings with it some very nice additions to flows. I set out to try out the new features with a use case that was impossible to do before without resorting to custom functionalityUse Case: Display all open opportunities for a selected user who is on the account team.Problem statement: Since both […]

Progress Bar component for flow screens

Salesforce Labs has published a new flow screen component that has 6 different indicator types to let users know where they are in your Flow-based process. In the spirit of Salesforce Labs, they are also allowing access to the source code. Here are the installation and configuration instructions Check it out

From Tamar Erlich: No Dynamic Forms? No Problem, Use Flow!

Dynamic Forms are the modern way to display record detail information to the user. They enable better control and new functionalities for record pages:1. Show or hide sections based on criteria2. Multiple column layouts3. Separate sections in different tabs The initial implementation of Dynamic Forms is available for Custom Object via App Builder. There’s also […]