Get the Layout Corresponding To a Specific RecordType/Profile Combination – ‘Get Layout By Profile and Record Type’ Flow Action

Layouts often differ substantially from recordType to recordType and from profile to profile. This action takes a recordTypeId and a profileId and returns that combination’s current LayoutId. One use of this is dynamically generating flow screen layouts with the RecordDetail flow screen component. To do this, after using this action to retrieve a LayoutId, use the GetLayoutFields action to retrieve the list fo field names from that layout. You can then pass the list of field names to RecordDetail to generate a customized record detail right in your Flow screen that maps to the layout. To see this in action, check out this video.


recordTypeIdStringThe ID of a recordType
profileIdStringThe ID of a profile. Note that you can quickly generate this in Flow by creating a formula of $User.profileId





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