Get Field Information- Get Fields for an Object

Get Field Information is a simple action that takes the name of an object (e.g. ‘Contact’) and returns information about all of its fields in a collection, including name, label, type, required. The data is returned in a collection of a custom datatype called a FieldDescriptor that can be manipulated declaratively in Flow. That means that you can use the Loop element to loop through the FieldDescriptors and get their information or filter them.

It also means that you can pass the entire collection of FieldDescriptors to a component that expects it, such as the Dual List Box component, which has the ability to take as an input datasource the FieldDescriptor. Here’s how that gets configured:


Unmanaged 1.0 5/17/20

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Adam White

You could, in theory, use this in combination with ExecuteSOQL to collect a string of field names to pass into your SELECT statement.

How might one filter the results by record type? Version 3?

Amanda Byrne

Would very badly like to be able to use this in flows to perform similar actions on similar field types – e.g. for all text fields in this object, compare values from record A to values in record B. If both are populated- show a choice, if neither are populated, omit, if only one is populated, store that value.

But I get this error when I install:
“Apex class pkb_SiteMap: line 43, column 33: Variable does not exist: KnowledgeArticleVersion.ArticleType”

[…] fill a dual list box with field names, place in front of it the GetFieldInformation action, which is included in the dual list box package. You pass in the name of an object (eg. […]

Darrell DeVeaux

Using field descriptor, or something else I guess, trying to see if anyway to remove the requirement to manually assign a value to a specific field in Flow. Right now if I have values 1-5 and I want to assign each of those to Fields 1-5 I need a loop that checks for the value and then does: Assignment 1: Field 1 = Value 1 Assignment 2: Field 2 = Value 2 Assignment 3: Field 3 = Value 3, etc. Would love to remove this but not seeing how without some Dynamic Apex which I’m not versed in and trying… Read more »