Launch Screen Flows Automatically When a Record Changes with ‘Detect and Launch’ Page Component

Suppose you have a screen flow that you want to automatically launch whenever you’re on a record page and the record changes. Most likely, this will be because you just edited the record. As an example, suppose you want to make it so that every time a Case is edited and its priority changes, a screen flow runs that asks the user to provide some extra reasons if the priority has been raised to ‘High’.

This new DetectAndLaunch component makes this easier. It’s designed to sit invisibly on a page and listen for an event that gets fired by Salesforce when a record changes. Simply provide Detect and Launch with the name of the flow you’d like to run. As design, it will load the flow into a subtab if the app is in console mode, and a separate browser tab or page if the app is not in console mode.


editFlowNameThe apiName of a flow you want to launch when the record is updated. Will work if this component is added to a record home page.
deleteFlowNameThe apiName of a flow you want to launch when the record is deleted. Will work if this component is added to a record home page.
launchModeCan be ‘Modal’ or ‘Modeless’. Modeless is the default. Modal only works on an edit and not on a delete.


Version 1.1 Unlocked 9-6-20



Old Versions

Version 1.0.0 Unlocked 8-29-20

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Narender Singh

This one is great! I also built a similar component which fires Screen flows on records changes in popup modal instead of a new tab but didn’t get enough time to blog it. However, I was using Change Data Capture, never occurred to me that I could use LDS as well, so simple!

Thank you for sharing, Alex! 🙂

Eric Smith

Could this have been done as a LWC instead of an Aura component?

Eric Smith

I’ve added this component to the Page Components section.

[…] More info and installation here. […]

[…] More info and installation here. […]


Just tried this and thought it was fantastic.

However I could not get it working with the ‘Contact’ object – is there a reason for this?


This seems amazing (and quite simple), but I can’t get it to work. The screen flow never launches – I’ve tried with both versions, same result. Am I missing something?