Minimize the Window When a Utility Bar Flow is Finished – Evan Ponter

By Evan Ponter

Flows are a great way to collect information from your users in a guided fashion. They can be added to the utility bar of an app for easy access no matter where the user navigates. But the normal behavior for flows in utility bars is an endless loop – when the flow ends, the first screen is shown again. This doesn’t always make sense for each flow you are distributing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the flow window minimized when the flow ends?

Introducing the Minimize Utility Item component. With the addition of this action element to the end of your flow logic, you can tell the flow to minimize its window. There are no inputs or outputs specified for this element – just connect it within your flow canvas and the flow’s window will be minimized at that point in the flow interview execution. As an added bonus, components on the current page will be refreshed with any info that was manipulated in your flow.

If you distribute your flow in multiple locations, only the flow in the utility bar will see the effect of this element. A flow that is launched from a record action will behave as-if this Minimize Utility Item element were not in the flow at all.