More Great New Sources for Flow Videos

I’m very impressed by the amount of great video content that’s getting published about Flow! Just in the last month or two, some vloggers have appeared, seemingly out of nowhere but with deep Salesforce knowledge and great video production chops.

Salesforce Break

Salesforce Break is publishing Summer 21 videos and created a monster 1 hour session on Flow with Terry’s Tidbits:

SFDC Craftsmanship

SFDC Craftmanship has an unmistakable look and is running a series right now on Flow solutions. Special props for using Unofficialsf’s beloved ‘Bangers’ font!

Adam Foyston

Adam started posting videos about Flow a month ago. I don’t know where Adam cut his vlogging teeth, but he’s bringin’ ALL of the video production goodness.

Salesforce Geek

Shubham has built up thousands of subscribers and covers more than just Flow. Lately he’s been creating a lot of flow scenarios and enhancement reviews.

Check it out!