New Automation Tool Comparison Guides

Two very substantial new guides have just been published. They are the product of a huge internal effort spearheaded by Salesforce Flow Product Managers Sam Reynard and Tim Peng. Check it Out!

Introduction to the Architect’s Guide

  1. Architect’s Guide to Building Forms
  2. Architect’s Guide to Building Record-Triggered Automation
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Very informative article. Thanks!! The main issue that was not been clarified is the comparison of 1 PB with many nodes VS many flows. I remain with following question that I’m sure relevant for most of us: 1. Is it OK to create multi “Before Flows” on the same Object without a significant Performance reduction? (it is almost not possible to maintain all evaluations and updates in 1 before flow) 2. What is faster 1 PB with many evaluation nodes or many “before flows” (same number of nodes as in the PB)? 3. Also, there is a comparison between the “After Save Flow”… Read more »