Next Best Action Licensing FAQ

This is a new FAQ designed to answer incoming questions about NBA Licensing.

Question 1
In the SFDC Company Setup, there are two kinds of licenses/entitlements for Next Best Action?

 Einstein Next Best Action – Unlimited Requests (Permission Set License) –

 Maximum Next Best Action Requests available (Usage Based Entitlement) 

Why are there two?

Unlimited Request licenses are optimal for users that use a lot of NBA, such as service agents who have the NBA component generating recommendations on a case page.For less frequent use of NBA, or for users where Service Cloud Einstein doesn’t make sense, the Next Best Action Unlimited Requests SKU sells request capacity. 
The two forms of licensing are needed to cover all customer scenarios.

Question 2

In my Company Information, for “Einstein Next Best Action – Unlimited Requests” I’m seeing 9,196 licenses.   But the “Maximum Next Best Action Requests available” shows zero used.  How do I interpret that?

That means that the org has 9,196 Unlimited Request licenses that it can allocate to org Users. When a User has an Unlimited Request license assigned to them, their usage is not counted against the allocation of available Requests.

When a User makes an NBA request and they do not have an Unlimited Request license, their request is counted against the monthly Maximum Next Best Action Requests Available. If Maximum Next Best Action Requests Available shows zero, that means that all available request capacity for the current month has been consumed by these users that do not have an Unlimited Request license. The amount of available requests resets each month and includes a 5000 per-org monthly freemium allocation, plus any request capacity stemming from the purchase of the Aditional Next Best Action Requests skus. Note that 5000 requests can go very quickly and is not intended to be more than a trial/evaluation/testing allocation.

Question 3

The number of “Einstein Next Best Action – Unlimited Requests” licenses I’m seeing in my Company Information is higher than I would expect to see. I don’t remember buying that many. Where did they come from?

NBA Unlimited Request license is included in the Embedded ISV Platform license, with a contractural limitation that limits the use of that license to the ISV’s specific activities. For example, suppose PetCRM ISV, maker of a Salesforce enhancement that provides CRM services for small household pets, uses the Embedded ISV Platform license to provide Salesforce licensing to their customers. PetCRM is entitled to use NBA in its ISV solution. Its customers can use that built-in NBA but are not allowed to use those unlimited licenses for other NBA usage. To determine how many NBA Unlimited REquest licenses are constrained in this way, determine the number of Embedded ISV Platform licenses in the org.

Question 4

I have Sales Cloud users and want to sell them NBA. What are my options?

At this time, the unlimited NBA license is only available in Service Cloud Einstein. If the Sales Cloud user can be provisioned with a Service Cloud Einstein PSL, they can buy it and use unlimited requests. For other uses, use the Einstein Next Best Action – Additional Requests SKU