Nick Sauer adds Smart Word Processing Features to Rich Text Input

Input Rich Text has been around for a while. It sports a nice toolbar and allow rich text creation. Nick Sauer has enhanced it with a number of killer new features that add business productivity, including Find and Replace, Autoreplace, and Blocklists. As you can see below, these new features are available via a swanky bottom toolbar, and can be turned on or off as a group.

You can pass in a map of terms that you want to automatically replace.

How it Works:

Use Case Example:  Business has the need  to enter customer-facing details that:

  1. Blocks users from entering certain sensitive words/symbols
  2. Automatically applies Trademarks (™) or other company-specific terminology.
  3. Allows for Find & Replace tool to correct mistakes

Component Setup:

enableAdvancedToolsXBoolean. Set to true if you want to use these enhanced rich text features. Default is false (regular input component)
autoReplaceMapXJSON formatted key:value map. (example => {“Test”: “GreatTest™”} )
disallowedSymbolsXComma-separated list of words to block. Example: /,@,*
disallowedWordsXComma-separated list of words to block. Example: bad,worse,worst
warnOnlyXBoolean. Set to True if you want to allow Next even where disallowed Symbol or Word remains. Default is false.
valueXXInput and output Rich Text that you’ll be editing
labelXXInput to provide field-level label if desired (label not read only on v1, so left as-is to prevent breaking existing implementations).
characterCount1) Character count is off by default. Set characterLimit to an integer value to show character count and limit.
2) If warnOnly is not set when characterLimit is on, then the Flow Next/Finish cannot be used until resolved

Component Input Example:


1.3 Unlocked 8/1/20



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