Text Area Plus adds multiple features to Text Area

Created by Nathan Shulman and Josh Dayment

This Post was most recently updated on: 12/9/22

Text Area Plus! is an improved version of the standard flow text area adding a suite of text-related tools to allow for the Flow Admin to provide a better User Experience and quicker set up than the standard flow screen components.

Text Area Plus!, currently offers two run modes Plain Text or Rich Text with some shared functionality and some unique functionality currently only available in the Rich Text run mode.

Setup Properties

Shared & Plain Text

  • Label: This is a string variable that will add a label to the text area.
  • Minimum Characters Allowed: This is the minimum number of characters required in your text area i.e. 25 will set a minimum number of characters required for the flow to advance or finish.
  • Placeholder Text: This is a string variable that is placeholder text stored in the component once the user begins typing this text is removed and replaced with what the user is inputting.
  • Initial Text Value: This is a string variable that will prepopulate the value of the component if you have a predefined value it can be stored here. This is also your output value.
  • Required: When true this requires an entry in the component
  • Character Counter: Control the visibility of the character counter when marked as true will display the character counter underneath the component.
  • Maximum Characters Allowed: This is the maximum length of your text area i.e. 25 will limit the total number of characters to 25 in the text area.
  • Characters Remaining Template: Add custom messaging to the character counter i.e. $R characters remaining until complete

Rich Text

  • Enable Advanced Tools: When marked as true will display a subset of advanced tools offered for the rich text input portion. 
  • Blocked Words: Comma-separated string variable of words the admin wants to block the user from entering into the component.
  • Blocked Symbols: Comma-separated string variable of symbols that should be blocked from being entered into the component.
  • Auto Replace Map: String variable in json format consisting of a key(word to find and replace) and value (word to replace the key with)
  • Warning Only: When true this will only warn the user of an error in the blocked words or symbols list and allow them to continue the flow if false and blocked words or symbols have a value and its found in the text it will stop the flow from advancing.

Display Text

  • Text Value: This is the variable for the text you wish to display in the component i.e. a Text Template
    • You are also given a text editor similar to the out of the box display text component to draft content directly in the component

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V1.6.1 5/5/23 Production Sandbox Bug fixes and add output for both Rich Text and Slack Markdown

Troubleshoot installation issues

Previous Versions

V1.6 12/9/22 Production Sandbox This adds limited conversion of html to slack markdown on text the Text Area Plus

V 1.5.2 10/29/22 Production Sandbox bug fixes and Display Text mode

Version 1.5.1 7/1/22 bug fix and support for rich text labels

Version 1.5


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