Limit The Size of Text Entries with Text Area Plus!

Created by Nathan Shulman and Josh Dayment

Text Area Plus! is an improved version of the standard flow text area adding a character counter and limit to allow for a better user experience when an admin or developer wants to add a text area input to their flow screens with a character limit.


  1. Label: This is a string variable that will add a label to the text area.
  2. Maximum Length: This is the maximum length of your text area i.e. 25 will limit the total number of characters to 25 in the text area.
  3. Placeholder Text: This a string variable that is placholder text stored in the component once the user begins typing this text is removed and replace with what the user is inputing.
  4. Text Value: This is a string variable that will prepopulate the value of the component if you have a predefined value it can be stored here. This is also your output value.



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