Use Salesforce Flow to Make No-Code HTTP Web Callouts

The new DataMapper package of actions provides a way to easily create web callouts and powerful new data mapping solution that allows data to be extracted easily from JSON text. This post introduces the Make HTTP Action that is included in DataMapper.

Easy HTTP Calls

We’re going to start by retrieving exchange rates via an api call. Here’s the api:

The property editor of this action looks like this:

You can click Test Callout right there in the custom property editor to try things out. Keep in mind that for every site you connect to, your org must have a corresponding Remote Site Setting.

Here’s what happens when we click Test Callout:

To make effective use of that big blob of JSON that’s returned by the call, we’ll need a way to do some data mapping. That will be handled by the Extract JSON Data action and Map JSON Array action.

Special appreciation to Munawirrahman, who published original work on this 6 months ago.


Install as part of DataMapper.