Preview: Powerful Approvals Orchestrations from Forcelution Apps

You can build powerful approvals solution on Orchestrator, but if you want a polished out-of-the-box solution, you’ll want to consider this upcoming Approval Orchestrator Add-On from Forecelution Apps. They already provide a powerful extension to Legacy Approval Processes and have set out to provide a solution that makes it easier to create approvals in Orchestrator.

The main goal is to provide the ease of use of the dedicated configuration experience that Legacy Approval Processes are used to while enabling the high degree of customization that Orchestrator provides. Check out this preview:

As you can see here, they provide dedicated UI that makes it easy to define Approval Processes without going into Flow Builder:

Their solution auto-generates the appropriate parts of the underlying orchestration. At that point, it’s possible to open up the individual steps and customize them.

Learn more about the new Approvals Orchestrator here.

Learn more about their existing add-on for Legacy Approval Processes here, and keep your eyes open for update posts here at