Preview: Quick Choice 2.0 with a Custom Property Editor

Get your hands on a Summer ’20 org and you can try this new version of Quick Choice, which comes with this customized property editor:

The functionality in this version matches version 1.4.

To learn about how to build Custom Property Editors and add them to either Flow Screen Components or Invocable Actions, click here.


Check this page for the most recent install link.

Version 2.0 Unmanaged Requires Summer ’20


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[…] (Note: Running Summer ’20? If so, check out Quick Choice 2.0 with Custom Property Editor) […]

Jim Minichiello

Does this version of QuickChoice still have the following error: Create a REQUIRED Text input field on the flow screen Create a checkbox input field on the flow screen Create a QuickChoice Picklist field using an input mode of Picklist Field (this is important) and set conditional visibility to Checkbox Field = TRUE Debug the Flow Leave the Required Text field blank Click the Checkbox to populate it and expose the hidden Quickchoice picklist Make a selection in the picklist field Click the Next/Finish flow button Watch the flow crash.   If this error still exists in this new version,… Read more »

Jim Minichiello

Thanks Alex! I just spun up a new Summer ’20 Sandbox, so I’ll install the Summer ’20 CPE version of Quick Choice and test to confirm.

Jim Minichiello

Alex, I can confirm that the cast error I described above seems to be fixed in the Summer ’20 CPE version of QuickChoice. This is fantastic news! There is one new, but less critical bug I’ve come across in the Summer ’20 CPE version of Quick Choice. I have a hidden QuickChoice picklist field on my screen. If I leave it hidden and try to progress the flow while leaving a different required field blank, the screen properly reloads with an error message. However, on the reloaded screen, if I decide to expose the hidden QuickChoice field, it will not… Read more »

Raphael Barreiros

How to setup Visual Cards icons?

Gidi Abramovich

Alex Hi,
I tried to install it on a Summer ’20 Release org, but I’ve received the following error:

This app can’t be installed.
There are problems that prevent this package from being installed.
lwc/flowCombobox/flowCombobox.js-meta.xml: You can’t remove the following public properties: flowContextFilterType,flowContextFilterCollectionBoolean,mode,disabled,flowContext,objectType, because the component is part of a managed package.