Preview Template-Driven Emails In Flow with Email Composer by Surendranadh Nune

This Email Composer component, available on AppExchange as an official Salesforce Labs package, is similar to the Send Rich Email action, but does a few unique things. It cleverly extracts the body text from an email template and displays it in the Flow screen, providing a preview mechanism.

Commenters on the page report some challenges getting it to work, but Surendranadh is working on getting the source code posted and that should help.

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Chris V

Thanks for getting this on here!

I cant wait for the source because pieces of this + the send rich email action could become a really amazing custom email authoring experience within flow. I can imagine a single flow that dynamically adapts based inputs from an associated campaign.


I was really excited when I saw this on appexchange. Then I saw the prerequisite – email-to-case – and all my hopes were dashed. Of all of the settings it needed, it had to be the one I cannot enable. Would be good to know why it needs it, and whether there might be an option to use something similar that doesn’t require it.