Seamless Flow Handoffs from Users to Agents

Users can start flows and then pause them, and those same flows can be made to appear on the user’s Contact record where an agent can resume and complete the flow.

This requires and relies on the Guided Action List’s ability to find and display all paused flows associated with a record.

The Community user must be a signed in Salesforce user. They can’t be a Guest User.

Flows can be linked to a Record

Flow provides a mechanism that allows individual flows to be linked to records. This means that a flow about a Contact can be linked to a particular Contact via that Contact’s Id. Or a flow could be linked to an Asset or a custom object record. The main benefit of doing this is that when the record page is displayed for that record, if the record page has a Guided Action List component, it will display all the linked flows that are 1) In Progress or 2) Paused. And in the case of flows that are Paused, the user looking at the record page can resume the flow.

Enable Flow Handoffs By Linking The Flow To the User

In order for a Flow started in Community Cloud to be resumable by an agent in Service Cloud, have the Flow populate the Flow Global Variable $Flow.CurrentRecord must be assigned the value of the current UserId.

Tip: The Contact Id of the currently logged-in Community user is the same as their UserId.

Flow provides access to the Global Variable $User and $User.Id will return the currently logged-in user’s Id. Assign this value to the recordId resource that you created:

When the Guided Action List is on a record page, it queries to see if there are any Flows in progress or paused that are linked to the current recordId, and it does this by checking for the presence of a value in a resource called recordId. So, you will need to be on the Contact page corresponding to the user in order to see their paused flows.

A final note: The Guided Action List component is only available in the Lightning Experience so you’ll need to be in Lightning to use this process.