Spring ’20 Release Readiness Live – Admin Preview with Flow Builder and External Services

This release’s admin broadcast includes not just a survey of Flow Builder improvements by product manager Shannon Hale but also a demonstration of Slack integration with Flow via an Enhanced External Service, presented by External Service product manager Liz Skaates. Check it out!

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Katie Kodes

Hi Alex, I got so excited about Liz Skaates’s announcement that I wrote an in-depth tutorial for implementing External Services in Flow: https://katiekodes.com/flow-external-services/ (By the way, I’m not sure if the scattered Flow articles I post are timely enough, consistent enough, accessible enough, or relevant enough compared to Flow experts’ blogs, but for future reference, when I do post about Flow, it’ll be available at https://katiekodes.com/tags#flow ) I’m hoping to experiment next with Shannon’s idea of using Flow + External Services to replace Workflow Rules + Outbound Messaging. Take care, and thanks for all you do (I enjoyed the dedicated… Read more »

Katie Kodes

Wow, thanks for the link, Alex — I’m flattered by the title!! I tagged Liz on Twitter, so hopefully she’ll see it. Please tell her in person how awesome I think her demo was, and how well it connected from a “business purpose” perspective. 1) APIs Guru: THANK YOU! ForcePanda reached out to me this morning about how he was having trouble with Twilio — I’m going to make sure he sees the YAML and JSON links at this web site. What a great resource! 2) Code: I’m always torn about using the word “code” for data-formatting punctuation standards. There’s… Read more »

[…] put together an in-depth walkthrough that leverages the demonstration Liz Skaates did as part of the Spring ’20 rollout […]