Spring ’21 Preview: Send SMS Messages from Flow with the New Messaging Notification Flow Action

The Digital Engagement team in Service Cloud has added a useful new action for sending SMS messages. It’s called Messaging Notification. Here’s what it looks like in Flow Builder and in Process Builder:

Currently, the input parameters are labelled quite differently between the two versions.

Configuring Flow Builder: Considerations

When using the Flow version, note the following:

The field ‘Triggered Outbound Type’ is the equivalent of ‘Send To’ and must be set to either ‘Phone’ or ‘Messaging User’.

If the Triggered Outbound Type is set to ‘Phone’:

  • You must also fill in the Recipient Record ID with a valid User Id.

If the Triggered outbound Type is set to ‘MessagingEndUser’:

  • You must also fill out Recipient Phone Number.
  • You must also fill the Context Record Id with a record ID ‘associated with the target user’. This is generally the id of the record that triggered the flow that incorporates this action. This enables some history to be logged to a record even when the recipient is not a User.