Summer ’22: External Services Updates

Check out some of the changes and enhancements to External Services in the Summer ’22 release!

Call External Services Registrations Natively from Apex

Now you can access External Services registered actions directly from Apex to tap into reusable functionality when writing Apex code. Previously, actions created through External Services were exposed exclusively for invocation through Flow or Einstein Bots.

Check out the Summer ’22 Release Readiness Live demo (starts at minute ~3:20) and Developers’ Blog for a simple walkthrough of how to use this functionality.

Make sure to check out the official Salesforce Help Docs: Invoke External Service Callouts Using Apex for more details!

Salesforce Developer Console

Update an Existing Schema Connected to Flow

If a registration is in use by a flow, now you can update it with a new, compatible API specification version. Previously, you couldn’t update a registered schema that was in use by a flow. If the new schema version isn’t compatible, the edit workflow notifies you which operations and schema objects are in use by which flows and by which Apex classes. With this information, you know which existing references are incompatible so that you can remove them before saving your updated registration.

For details about supported and non-supported changes, see the official Salesforce Help Docs: Appendix 1: Schema Update Considerations.

External Services: Edit Screen

Register More APIs

Now you can register an external service without manually editing the schema before registration to conform to the 80-character limit for derived operation and object developer names. This enables you to register more APIs with less friction!

Additional Details

For additional details, make sure to review the Summer 22′ Release Notes and keep the feedback coming in the External Services Trailblazer Community!