What’s new with Datatable

There is a new release (v4.0.5) of the Datatable component available.

The updates include:

  • Enhanced handling of saved Column Configuration files
  • Saved column configuration attributes can now be > 255 characters
  • A new output attribute (Selected Row Key Field Value)
    • This value is populated only when a single row is selected and is designed to support inputs to other components once Reactive Screens are implemented

Various bugs have been addressed as well:

  • Displayed dates should no longer be off by one day when the displayed date was not in the same Daylight Standard/Savings Time as the current date
  • Reselecting the Column Wizard button after saving a flow will no longer cause an error
  • Column Configuration files now save the column widths attribute
  • There will no longer be a test class failure on installation in an org without Orders enabled


The latest versions of the QuickChoice and QuickLookup flow screen components now will have the same spacing below the components as all standard flow screen input components.

Thank you and keep the feedback coming.

Eric Smith