Use Controllable Display Text to Drive Your Flow Screens

This component is similar to the built-in Display Text component, but instead of formatting your text statically using a toolbar, you pass it formatting instructions at runtime. This lets you change the look and feel of a block of display text based on something you’ve just learned upstream in the Flow.


string1StringThe actual text that will be displayed. Because html formatting will be added dynamically, it’s recommended that you not put any html into this attribute.
sizetag1StringThis will generate a wrapping tag for your text, so it should be one of the defined html tags. We’ve tested this with p, h1, h2,h3,h4,h5,h6. Note however that a bug is currently prevent text-alignment from working when an ‘h’ tag is selected, so if you want to use centered text, specify p for this attribute and use the percentage-based fontsizepct1 field to do your sizing.
bold1BooleanFlow expects and will enforce that this field is passed either {!$GlobalConstant.False} or {!$GlobalConstant.True}
italics1BooleanFlow expects and will enforce that this field is passed either {!$GlobalConstant.False} or {!$GlobalConstant.True}
color1StringThis can accept any official string color, including hex codes. See
url1StringIf the component doesn’t find “http” at the beginning of the string it will add “https://” automatically. The anchor link is setup to use the browser preference for either opening a new tab or window.
fontfamily1StringValues that represent commonly available web fonts like ‘courier’, ‘garamond’, ‘verdana’ and the like will tend to work best.
fontsizepct1StringThis inserts a font-size style attribute. See for some additional information. Provide a number like 200. This component will add the percentage mark.
textalign1StringUse ‘left’, ‘center’, or ‘right’. Default is ‘left’.
addbreak1BooleanAdds a <br> to the end of the string. Without this, you can stack multiple instances of this component, and they will show up on the same line.

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