A New Version of Datatable has been Released

Version 3.5.0 of the Datatable component has been released. It adds some new features and fixes a reported bug.

The primary enhancements are the option to add a record count to the datatable header and an option to immediately navigate to the next flow element when clicking Save after any edits.

Please note that there is still an outstanding issue with sorting and editing changes being refreshed when the Datatable is on a flow screen that also contains a Section.


  • Eliminate padding/margin for Table Border (Thanks to Jerry Poon)
  • Add option to Navigate Next when selecting the Save button for inline editing (Thanks to Idan Damari)
  • Rearranged the order of the options in the Table Behavior Section
  • Changed the Configuration Wizard to use the new FlowTableViewDefinition object from the ScreenComponentsBasePack instead of the ers_datatableConfig object
  • Added Created and Modified Date columns to the Configuration Record selection datatable
  • Added optional Record Count to Table Header
  • Added option to suppress the currency conversion introduced in v3.1.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug when using a % character in a column label [Issue-1069]

Find all the Release Notes here.