Advanced NBA: Using Apex Actions to Empower Team Manager to Set Team Priorities via Next Best Action Recommendations

Next Best Action enables you to provide agents, salespeople, and other employees with a customized list of prioritized recommendations every morning. In this sample app, which can be installed as a package, prioritization of tactics is managed by service team leaders, who can establish and change the priorities freely without the involvement of admins.

This sample application uses a sophisticated pattern to provide team managers with a simple flow that they can use for prioritization, while enabling IT to add or subtract recommendation tactics behind the scenes.

The individual tactics are modeled as Apex classes. The use of Apex to create tooling that team managers can use makes this a compelling example of how system integrators can use Next Best Action to provide increased value.

Install Package

Unmanaged 1.0


  1. On the User page layout, add a flow component and point it to ServiceTacticalStrategy. Make sure the page is Activated.