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Easily Indent Screen Fields

As of Spring ’21, you can combine Conditional Field Visibility with Multicolumn Screens to indent a block of child fields. You’ll see how applying Coditional Field Visibility to a Section allows an entire block of components to easily be turned on or off.

Send Survey Invitations with Flow

As of Spring ’21, there’s a new flow action that shows up if Surveys is enabled in your org, allowing you to use Flow to send your survey invitations: This initial release only takes a single recipient user, so it isn’t optimal for mass sends. It’s great for things like reminder messages. Mass Sending via […]

Great new Flow Deep Dive Intro with a Developer Focus

Mohith Shrivastava is one of our great developer evangelists at Salesforce with deep Flow know-how. He recently recorded a full hour of content on this topic as part of the weekly Developer Podcasts that Josh Birk is producing here. A lot of of our tutorials are either aimed only at admins or out-of-date or both, […]

Rocket from the Moon: Manage your Inbound Email using Flows

New 11-21: See this EmailToFlow service in action to solve an Approval Processes problem. From Munawir ‘Mun’ Rahman in Indonesia comes a great package that installs an Inbound Email Service that takes incoming emails (each Inbound Email Service generates an email address that you can hand out), extracts the email into fields, and calls your […]