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Understanding Flow ‘Local’ Actions

Local Actions are a specialty part of Flow, useful in a specific set of scenarios. This post recapitulates how they work and how you can use them. Official Documentation Unofficial Developer’s Guide Gallery – Installable Local Actions Show Toast Navigate Everywhere Update Screen Open Web Page Play Sound GetOracleSSNViaAWS Get REST Data FAQ I can […]

Email Sending Update

A couple of easy-to-miss features in Spring ’21 improve email sending. Email Alerts now support Lightning Email Templates: You can now pass rich text into the built-in Send Email action. Note that you need to set the new Rich Text toggle to true: For richer email sending features, take a look at Send Better Email.

Easy PDF Viewing in Flow

Here’s a simple component that takes the id of a Content Document and, if it’s a PDF, renders it in a flow screen: I’ve taken the great work by Anny He and simply wrapped it into a Flow Screen Component. In my example (see video), I first query for all the Content Documents in my […]

Building a ‘Direct Screen Access’ Flow

Sometimes the user requirement calls for the person running the flow to be able to hop between screens at will, moving from any screen to any other screen. Our general advice has always been: you can do it but you need to built a navigtional button bar that looks something like a path component. I […]

Introducing Flow Orchestrator

Visit Orchestrator Home Page At the online Dreamforce Keynote on December 2, Marc Benioff and Sarah Franklin introduced Einstein Automate, a new message that describes the full range of the Salesforce automation solution. Sarah’s area of ownership includes the Automation Services team that includes Flow, Next Best Action, Process Builder, Workflow Rules, and Approval Processes. […]

2 New Posts on Processing JSON for Use in Flow

Munawirrahman has posted a useful new Flow Action package that takes a different, looser, more dynamic approach to getting data out of JSON for use in Flow. His action invites the user to simply list out the interesting keys, and he returns the extracted values. His approach allows for full penetration of nested data. UPDATE: […]

Salesforce Announces ‘Einstein Automate’!

Salesforce today announced Einstein Automate, which unifies Salesforce’s existing automation technologies and announces several new products, including Flow Orchestrator, which will be the most significant thing the Automation group has done since it shipped the new Flow Builder. Check it out here in print, and tune in Wednesday morning to see it in Marc Benioff’s […]

From Frank Caron: Pre-fill the Fields of Embedded Flows

Flows are among the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform’s most powerful declarative tools, and yet there are still many admins out there who haven’t taken advantage of one of the tool’s coolest features: the ability to embed flows in external, non-Salesforce web sites. The Embedded Service Deployment feature allows you to, with the help of a […]