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Preview: Quick Choice 2.0 with a Custom Property Editor

Get your hands on a Summer ’20 org and you can try this new version of Quick Choice, which comes with this customized property editor: The functionality in this version matches version 1.4. To learn about how to build Custom Property Editors and add them to either Flow Screen Components or Invocable Actions, click here. […]

Summer ’20 Flow Preview

I’m very pleased to again be able to share upcoming new Flow functionality! Preview Orgs can be obtained to try out this functionality. Complete Flow Trigger Support We’ve been adding triggers to Flow for the last couple of releases, and Summer ’20 finishes the job by adding support to trigger Flows on both traditional Process […]

Import Data from CSV Files Using Salesforce Flow

This Post was most recently updated on: 10/3/21 Current Version 1.3.2 You can now upload CSV data and turn it into Salesforce records with just a couple of Flow elements This action is based on original work by Narender Singh, plus nice new improvements by Hijlko and Suraj Pillai. (Interested in exporting records to CSV? Check […]

Quick Choice V1.3: New Outputs, a Test Class Fix

QuickChoice is an improved Picklist and Radio Buttons component for Flow screesn. V1.3 includes the following improvements: The test class utility MockHTTPResponseGenerator was renamed to eliminate conflicts with existing installations that use this utility New Output Attributes: allValues and allLabels New Output Attribute: selectedLabel allValues and allLabels These are two new string collection output attributes. […]

PREVIEW: Using Dynamic Types with Flow Screen Components

NOTE: This functionality requires a Summer ’20 org. (To sign up for prerelease Summer ’20 orgs, watch here for the link that will be made available). In Spring ’20, Flow added to its invocable action support the ability to use input and output attributes with generic types of SObject or SObject[]. This allows for the […]

Using Custom Screen Components with Conditional Field Visibility to Create Dependent Picklist Combos

This scenario is common and powerful: you have a Flow Lightning Screen Component on the screen. Perhaps its an out-of-the-box component like Address or Lookup, or maybe it’s a custom component like QuickChoice. You want to have another component on that screen use conditional visibility and make the visibility dependent on the value of the […]

Attention Flow Apex Developers: A Chance For Glory 1 :

Requesting: An apex action that converts a CSV file into a collection of records Looking for everlasting glory? Want to put Salesforce product managers into your debt? The library of invocable actions needs an action that takes an uploaded file Blob (presumably the Content Document created by the File Upload available in Flow) and the […]