Quick Choice V1.3: New Outputs, a Test Class Fix

QuickChoice is an improved Picklist and Radio Buttons component for Flow screesn.

V1.3 includes the following improvements:

  • The test class utility MockHTTPResponseGenerator was renamed to eliminate conflicts with existing installations that use this utility
  • New Output Attributes: allValues and allLabels
  • New Output Attribute: selectedLabel

allValues and allLabels

These are two new string collection output attributes.

These are useful in scenarios where you want to use Quick Choice’s record filtering to generate an appropriate subset from a picklist field, and then you want the list of values or the list of label, for further processing. Some examples:

  • Heath Parks wrote: I am getting the record type ID’s to select what “path” a person needs to take. So if it’s CW Engagement record type, it following the CW path, if it’s Limited Engagement record type it follows the Limited path and so on. a total of 4 decisions, I can get the decision to work, but I am having to hard code in the record type ID into my decision element. I would like to not do
  • David Rabizadeh wrote: Hi Alex, I’d also benefit from outputting the label if you’re able to add that feature. Then I can go back through the collections and ‘remove’ the selected items from the dual collection and present the user with another set of choices.

For more information and installation, see https://unofficialsf.com/quick-choice-improved-picklists-and-radio-buttons-for-flow/