Custom Logging in Flows

Have you ever wanted to add your own logging to your flows? I’m not talking about the system logs, but rather creating your own log entries at specific places in your flow.
I’ve had a couple of instances, where I could really use this. Both for debugging as well as simply tracing whether an auto-launched flow has executed.
After having reinvented the wheel a few times, I got tired of it and decided to create something that is more reusable, and it has proven its value already more than once.

What I’ve done is this… I’ve created a custom object, a number of flows and a few tools to manage it all. You can add this flow as a subflow to any of your own flows. This step will create a new record in the custom object on which you can report.

This Quip document contains all the details and the link to the managed package.

Flow Log Step Settings